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Professional Construction Leader (PCL) Learning

Professional Construction Leader Introduction

What is PCL Learning?

This educational series delivers 26 different leadership lessons to your field leaders over the course of a year, with Mark Breslin as your Video Coach.

PCL Learning is a field leader training video coaching series that provides leadership strategy, practical advice and inspiring messaging to transform your field leaders. Great content is combined with cutting-edge micro-learning lessons and delivered with the flexibility of mobile technology. This coaching content meets the needs of field leaders by reaching them when and where it fits them best. And it is in their language by someone who stood in their shoes.

Over 20,000 Professional Construction Leaders and counting chose PCL Learning to remain ahead of the competition now and in the future.

Top Companies Rely on PCL Learning

How Does It Work?

Sign-up & Choose Content

Simply enter the e-mail address and their year long subscription automatically begins. 70+ leadership coaching videos available on demand.


Watch and learn from desktop or mobile device. Self-paced learning. Anytime. Anywhere.

Personalized Learning Path

Find the best way to train your team. Use the study guide for self-study or facilitated group study.

Evaluate Engagement

Download metrics and results for all individual users.

Celebrate Success

Celebrate your field leaders education success of becoming a Professional Construction Leader.

What Clients are Saying

Microlearning + Construction

PhDs, research scientists and Millennials agree. When it comes to learning it’s time for something new! Microlearning is powerful, compelling, convenient and sticky with retention. The Professional Construction Leader (PCL) video coaching program offers short powerful lessons on motivation, communication, safety and a lot more.

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PCL 1+ Users

$20.75 per user /month

  • 1-9 Users
  • (billed annually)
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PCL 10+ Users

$10.75 per user /month

  • 10-49 Users
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PCL 50+ Users

$9.10 per user /month

  • 50-99 Users
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PCL 100+ Users

$8.25 per user /month

  • 100-199 Users
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PCL 200+ Users

$7.45 per user /month

  • 200-299 Users
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Over 300 users? Call for pricing.   (925) 705-7662

Ready to purchase? Here’s what will happen – after you purchase we will shoot you an email congratulating you and then will ask for names and email addresses of the lucky field leaders you will be training. We will set up a call with you to discuss how to introduce the PCL program and best practices. Then 1 week after you purchase PCL, game on! We start sending PCL video lessons every two weeks to your selected field leaders along with follow up questions to reinforce their learning. So, what are you waiting for?


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