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This educational series delivers 26 different leadership lessons to your field leaders over the course of a year, with Mark Breslin as your Video Coach.

  • Video lessons automatically emailed to your field leader every 2 weeks
  • All videos are 2-3 minutes – brief but powerful content
  • Follow up discussion questions included to reinforce lessons
  • Content is short, practical and ready to put into action on jobsite
  • Speaks the jobsite language from someone who stood in their shoes

The Professional Construction Leader (PCL) is a foreman training video coaching series that provides leadership strategy, practical advice and inspiring messaging to transform your field leaders. Great content is combined with cutting-edge micro-learning lessons and delivered with the flexibility of mobile technology. This coaching content meets the needs of field leaders by reaching them when and where it fits them best. And it is in their language by someone who stood in their shoes.

Consistent reinforcement is the key to behavior change. The PCL Series provides provoking insight into critical areas that improve jobsite performance, communication and motivation. Key topics covered in the series include:

  • Motivation For Productivity
  • Delegation to Maximize Output
  • Safety Leadership
  • Inspiring Loyalty and Buy-In
  • The Power of Mentoring
  • Taking Input to Create Innovation
  • How to Look and Act as A Professional
  • Standing in the Shoes of Your Organization
  • And dozens of other topics

How Does It Work?

With your subscription, your foreman will receive 26 different video coaching lessons over the course of a year. Videos are automatically delivered every two weeks, and follow up discussion questions are included to reinforce lessons learned. Every field leader, foreman, superintendent and even P.M. can view on their mobile devices or desktops to gain valuable lessons in just a few minutes and that have a lasting effect on their attitude and leadership behaviors. Video lessons are short, practical, and ready to put into action on the jobsite immediately.

Cultivated from the in-person seminars and coaching of over 20,000 foremen and field leaders, these leadership lessons are proven, useful and real. Deliver this value at a fraction of the cost of even one day of training for each of them – and implement it all year long.

Designed for field leaders, foremen, superintendents and managers to make an immediate impact on field operations and performance.

Case Study

96% of Professional Construction Leader (PCL) users surveyed feel they are benefiting from the program.

“This leadership series is an excellent growth opportunity for all of us, particularly our young Foremen. I’m really glad this is available.”

See the full CASE STUDY from PCL users surveyed after implementing the online video coaching program.

Topics Covered in First Year

  • Leadership
  • Motivation & Empowerment
  • Communication & Engagement
  • Learning from Failure
  • Safety
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Management

What Clients are Saying

Microlearning + Construction

PhDs, research scientists and Millennials agree. When it comes to learning it’s time for something new! Microlearning is powerful, compelling, convenient and sticky with retention. The Professional Construction Leader (PCL) video coaching program offers short powerful lessons on motivation, communication, safety and a lot more.

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The Professional Construction Leader is a video based coaching series for foremen, general foremen, and superintendents in the construction and utility industries.

The series currently has (70) micro-learning video sessions on critical issues, skills and strategies that field leaders need to succeed in improving performance on the jobsite.

Research shows that Gen X and Millenials prefer short duration, high value content. They want critical information in a condensed format and they want it delivered electronically to be used on their time schedule. Experts now say that you lose part of your younger audience at 90 seconds and a majority at more than 3-4 minutes. Professional Construction Leader is built with these specifications in mind, with high impact and short duration content.

It is suggested to send one coaching session to all field leaders and future field leaders every other week for a total of 26 times per year. Research also shows that if your frequency is too high, there will often be lower utilization by your learning audience. So 26x per year, plus a couple of high impact webinars is the model provided.

Two options are available. For most companies, they would pick an administrator who will have password protected access to the library of programs. They would pick 26 sessions from the library to be used in the upcoming year. These now would be available to be sent by a link to all of your field leaders over and over to reinforce key skills, values and tactics. For larger companies with their own IT resources, the video content would be provided directly and distributed from their intranet or learning platform.

We have built this to be a value-based model – very minimal investment but long term cumulative impact of the consistent reinforcement providing great ROI. The subscription cost is based on the number of participants and can easily cost less than $10/mo for each subscriber.

Current clients are being asked to participate in beta testing in year one and two to provide feedback and refinement of content and delivery. Current partners include Fortis Alberta (a major Canadian multi-province utility), APi Group (a multi-billion-dollar parent company) and a good number of long term Breslin Strategy contractor and union clients.