Legacy: Building a Career of Building Others

Legacy: Building a Career of Building Others

Legacy: Building a Career of Building Others 768 450 Breslin Strategies

This program is built around the idea of having a legacy career. The central concept of the program is for an individual work in a manner that is transformational, not transactional. In society today, transformational thinking and behavior accounts for rapid change and development in the individual, the teams, and the organization where one works. Transformational thinking occurs when serious thought is invested in the ripple effect that one has on fellow workers, work procedures, productivity, and profit. A legacy is built on the long term accounting that comes with the awareness and attention placed upon it; the transformational nature that it generates when goals are aligned with it. For many industries that are mostly transactional – where compensation and opportunity are traded for time and talent – this is a more powerful motivating force that brings purpose into the sphere of influence for workers who may never have even thought of it.

Key components and deliverables for Legacy include:

  • Understanding the difference between transactional and transformational leadership.
  • Understanding, and acting, on the impact points related to time, money and profit that each jobsite decision generates.
  • Promoting mentorship and generational informational exchange; especially in different phases of one’s career.
  • Understanding self-directed behavior and how to create your own direction, even when challenged by a culture that does not always support it.
  • Utilizing positive communication in the enhancement of teamwork and improvement of processes and productivity.
  • Creating an acute awareness that personal and professional decision making will define opportunity, earnings, growth and one’s career legacy.

Seminar Format: 1.5 hours