Video Coaching FAQ

Professional Construction Leader (PCL) Learning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I register subscribers?

For your product launch, send us an email with your launch date and an excel spreadsheet with First Name, Last Name and Email Address for each of your subscribers.

Can I remove subscribers once my subscription starts?

Yes, you can remove participants after your program starts. However, due to the on-demand nature of the content, we do not refund for partially used subscriptions.

What are some best practices throughout the industry when it comes to using PCL content?

Clients utilize the PCL videos in various ways depending on their current training program. We have put together a Best Practices one-sheet at the link below.

What Clients Are Saying

Brian Johnson

Executive VP, Michels Corporation

“Michels Corporation has been working with Mark Breslin for well over a decade. And each year, Mark steps up his game! This year he brought his best around: Mark’s Professional Construction Leader video series. Each message resonating with our people at every level in the organization. Mark’s strong tone, well-thought-out, heartfelt messages make it clear he is speaking from his vast knowledge, experience, and passion for construction. Whether in these very succinct, poignant Professional Construction Leader videos (which we wholeheartedly recommend and subscribe to) or Mark’s passion for construction and people on stage, we strongly endorse what Mark brings out every day; strong leadership!”

Paul Grunau

Chief Learning Officer, API

“I think it is excellent. Just long enough and focused on a simple and very important concept.”

Alex Ornelas

Resource Manager , Central South Carpenters

“I’d like to thank y’all for the videos about the Professional Construction Leader. These short videos along with the Five Minute Foreman book have been a great help to CSCRCs foreman meetings in Austin, TX. The foremen are no longer just foreman, they are now Professional Construction Leaders. They never thought of the fact that being a foreman is a profession and that they actually managed millions of dollars for their companies when building a project. And now they do. I’m looking forward to utilizing more of the videos and books at the meetings. Education and empowerment is the key to success.”

Microlearning + Construction

PhDs, research scientists and Millennials agree. When it comes to learning it’s time for something new! Microlearning is powerful, compelling, convenient and sticky with retention. The Professional Construction Leader (PCL) video coaching program offers short powerful lessons on motivation, communication, safety and a lot more.

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